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 President Vladimir Alekseev

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PostSubject: President Vladimir Alekseev   President Vladimir Alekseev EmptySun Apr 01, 2012 7:52 am

Name: Vladimir Alekseev

Age: 45

Faction: Russian Federation

Division: N/A

Rank: Retired Colonel of the Russian Federation

Position: Ultranationalist President of the Russian Federation.

Additional Information: Vladimir Alekseev elected himself as President in 2011 with the support of the Russian people after he had brought Russia out of several economic crises. He is no politician but he is a soldier. Vladimir was a Colonel on the military, war hero, and he is an Ultranationalist. He quickly gained power and support till eventually, he had full political and military control of Russia. Any political opposition against him was quickly suppressed and those who continued to attack him politically were killed. By late 2011 Vladimir had officially secured his place as the leader of the new ultranationalist Russia. Russia finally had the chance to strike at all its enemies. In 2012, Russia allied with China and then several months Vladimir Alekseev declared war on the world. Vladimir has signed several treaties with the United States and other countries insisting that Russia does not want war. The United States was currently in a great economic crisis and Vladimir knew that they would not dare send troops to assist the Europeans unless Russia had attacked the United States directly. The year is now 2014, and Vladimir has most of Europe in the palms of his hands, within only two years Russia had succeeded in achieving the greatest military conquest mankind had ever seen. Vladimir is also known for the several countries in the Middle East that he had turn over all political and military power over to Russia without any military conflict, giving Russia even more power. Vladimir is also believed to be linked to several terror organizations such as the UPRA, (United Peoples Resistance Army) and the LNW (Liberators of the New World) but has not been proven. Both organizations are responsible for multiple attacks against the United States, and attacks on South American, European, Asian, and African Countries. Vladimir Alekseev is considered a HVT for allied forces and despite being the President of Russia he is very violent and dangerous.
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President Vladimir Alekseev
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