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 Battlefield Roleplay Offical Rules [*Last Updated September 10th, 2012*]

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PostSubject: Battlefield Roleplay Offical Rules [*Last Updated September 10th, 2012*]   Battlefield Roleplay Offical Rules [*Last Updated September 10th, 2012*] EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 1:22 am


General Roleplay Rules

-Roleplay Sessions are to always be treated seriously and realistically.

-You may only use the weapons, weapon attachments, equipment, and camo that your MOS/Rank allows you to use.

-Always respect and obey the orders of your commanding officer(s). Both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned.

-Act your role. If you are a Field Medic, your a Field Medic, act like one.

-STAY IN CHARACTER! We will be enforcing this rule much more often. The penalties for violating this rule will not only hurt you, but hurt your team.

-Spawning on your squad or a vehicle is not allowed under any circumstances.

-There is no lone wolfing whatsoever. You must always be accompanied by at least one of your teammates. The only accepting for this rule is when you are at your base.

-Despite the rule stated above, the two man rule only applies for patrolling an area or searching an area close to your base. You must always have at least TWO people THREE counting yourself in order to go on an offensive attack.

-If you are killed in a firefight, you cannot return/leave your spawn area unless you are accompanied by TWO of your teammates.

-Each team (USMC/Russian Federation) is only allowed four waves of reinforcements (to either reinforce a units position or redeploy for another attempt at a lost position/engagement) The rule for the minimal amount of teammates needed applies to this rule also.

-Unnecessary weapon discharges (shooting at medkits, sky, scenery etc.) will result in severe penalties against your team, and can also result in suspension.

-Follow the rules of engagement. For example you cannot fire unless fired upon on a known enemy force if you are currently not at war, or if there is an active peace treaty. You can read about the rules of engagement below, in the "Rules of Engagement" section of the this Official Roleplay rules page.

-When at attention, your weapon should be away and your knife should be out.

-When at ease at base, your weapon should be away unless you are target practicing or preforming drills at a specified range or training area.

-You must stay with your assigned squad. Depending on circumstances you can/will be reassigned to squads. So remember to remember the callsign you are given.

-When you are in your squad (consisting on four people, including yourself) you must be in squad chat, while your squad leader, and any "radio operator" in your squad remains in team chat to communicate with command, and other squads.

-No jumping around, tea-bagging, or any other form of obnoxious behavior during roleplays. Violators will be facing severe consequences.

-If you are injured on or off the battlefield, act realistically and react appropriately to your injury, whether it be a gunshot wound or broken bones from a fall. Hope a medic attends to you and if necessary you will be treating in your factions med bay/infirmary. Some examples reacting to injuries is handicapping yourself if you've been shot in the arm to restrict two handed weapon usage or limping/crouching if you've If you follow these rules you and other around you will experience a funner, more realistic roleplay experience.


MOS Specific Rules

-Field Medics
have a very strict set of rules and procedures that must be followed. For instance, if a field medic is responding to a casualty on the battlefield, he/she must determine whether or not the individual can be saved before attempting to revive the downed man. If his injuries are to severe (shot in the head, major explosion, hit by vehicle, fell 20 stories etc.) by the rules of the Field Medic MOS and roleplay, it would be impossible to save the individual. For realism sake. If the individual can be saved, the medic will proceed to redeem the wounded. 3, 2, 1 Clear etc. After that, the medic must determine how serious the individuals condition is, and must make the decision to risk caring to the individual on the field if the injury is less severe, or if the individual needs immediate/extreme care and must be medevaced back to base. Either way, the Field Medic is responsible for treating wounds after somebody if revived, he or she must continue to patch up any injuries with his medkit before sending that soldier back into combat on the battlefield. (if wounds are severe and the casualty is medevaced back to base) If a Field Medic fails to follow these rules and procedures his/her MOS will be revoked and his faction will lose the advantage of having a Field Medic.

-Pilots (Helicopter/Jets), Armor (Heavy Armor, Light Armor, AA) and Artillery. An even more strict set of rules applies to these MOSes in the roleplay. During completion of MOS training these rules should be burned into the brain of those being trained. If violated, the MOS will be revoked, and the faction will lose the advantage that the MOS brings.

-EOD may not use the robot for reconnaissance or any other form of surveillance.

-Support/Position Designators can only use their smoke when ordered to by their squad leader or commanding officer. They can only use the smoke to mark positions for either specifying an enemy location or an area for air support. Much like lazing a target expect with smoke. They can also use it to signal a helicopter for evacuation.


Rules of Engagement

These are the rules of engagement. These applies for the United States and Russian Federation during times of war, and times of peace.

Non-Wartime Rules of Engagement

Accidents happen. For any unknown reason or reasons, or misunderstanding, there may be a casualty or two in a firefight when there is no war. If this occurs, keep in mind that you are not at war, the doctrine states that being fired upon by any foe, even if not at war, is not an act of war. Therefore, after the engagement an declaration of war may be signed by the US Congress, or President of the Russian Federation. Do all you can to keep yourself protected, without igniting a firefight, soldier. Follow the rules of engagement, and no firefight should occur.

-Do not fire unless fired upon; Do not fire on somebody unless you have positive ID and that you are positive he/she fired upon you.
-Do not take deadly action in any means if somebody resists you.
-Do not attempt to bring harm to any being unless completely necessary.
-Taking casualties from an IED or other explosive device does not mean kill everything in the area that's not you and your buddies.
-If encountered with an explosive device (being detonated) do not bring harm to anybody. Simply question them. Search them.
-The demolition of property or structures is not permitted for any reason. Civilians may be inside the structure and it is not yours. Unless it is completely necessary to take out the man/woman shooting at you.

Wartime Rules of Engagement

-Do not fire unless fired upon during a cease fire; Nobody should fire in a cease fire in the first place.
-ID your target before engaging to avoid friendly fire between friendly forces, and assets. Observe your target's appearance and physical stature.
-Do not fire unless your commanding officer has given the order to fire; Who must before get the clearance to fire from the Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.
-Do not take deadly action in any means if somebody resists you. Unless ordered to by your Commanding Officer, or the Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.
-Taking casualties from an IED or other explosive device still does not mean kill everything in the area that's not you or your buddies. Civilians may still be in the area, or other friendly units such as assets.
-Demolition of property or structures is still not permitted for any reason. Unless necessary and ordered to by your Commanding Officer; Who must before get clearance from the Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.
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**Colonels/Lt. Colonels must post in the "War Room" to officially declare a cease fire/peace treaty. They can also dispute incidents, negotiate, and successfully declare or end a peace treaty. So if the other colonel isn't aware that the other faction ended the treaty and attacks, that is the Colonels/Lieutenant Colonels fault for not being aware/paying attention to posts in the War Room.**



-You are not allowed to join or attend other roleplays on Battlefield 3 outside the Revelation Roleplay community.

-Treat all members of our community with respect.

-Listen and obey the clan's Administrators. They know best, that's why they're Administrators.

-If you are having a problem with another roleplayer contact any Administrator.

-Do not complain about anything in the clan such as your Rank/MOS or how things are run. We will still listen to what you have to say as long as it's reasonable and not something that concerns your own selfish desires.

-Administrators have the final word.

-Be active on the website, important news and updates are posted here. Show your active by logging into your account.
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Battlefield Roleplay Offical Rules [*Last Updated September 10th, 2012*]
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