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 Battlefield Roleplay Disciplinary Actions [Last Updated September 10th, 2012]

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PostSubject: Battlefield Roleplay Disciplinary Actions [Last Updated September 10th, 2012]   Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:23 am

If you violate a rule in or out of the roleplay, a disciplinary action may be taken against you. Below the complete lists of disciplinary actions that can be taken against a rule violator.


Warning [*First Offense* Depending on how serious the offensive is will determine whether or not a warning is issued.]

-Probation [When on probation, the slightest rule violation will result in a immediate punishment.]

-Demotion/Loss of MOS

-Suspension [1-30 roleplay sessions]

-Kicked from Community

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Battlefield Roleplay Disciplinary Actions [Last Updated September 10th, 2012]
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